Here is a helpful read on how water can affect your acne. You will never know how surprising the things you will found out. Scroll down to read more.

Water is always great for everything is can dissolve anything. In this case acne, water has so many benefits for  our body that it can help our body be free from acne. So drink your water it a good for you.

I am already in college when my acne got worse. It is so severe that it goes red and swelling. It affected my love life. I am not ugly last time I checked I looked pretty descent. LOL! When it comes to brains, I am also an A+ student. I assure you I can solve your math problems or even do your thesis for you. It is just that I have acne. I have tried everything possible. I already used soap, tried lemons (they told me it works), wash my face literally every time I get a chance to and consulted a doctor for it.

They told me drink this, do this, apply this, apply that, but nothing really works. This made me desperate and sad at the same time. I am thinking how I can meet my prince charming, my knight in shining armor with this face. I want to go out there and experience adventure, love and other fun things. Acne is holding me back from these things. It is like a huge wall, a high wall that I need something like a ladder to climb it. It is like a huge steel ball that is clamped on both my feet that is preventing me to run and be out there. I am crying out loud for help. Someone please!

All I did to ease my pain was use the internet and I used my brazzers trial as an escaped for the feeling that I am in right now.

That is when I met a dermatologist named Dinah. First, she explained to me that number one factor for an acne is heredity. If one of your parents may have acne, there is a higher chance that you will get one. Second, it’s hormones, she further explained that hormones are the fuel for acne. If you have a surge of hormones like in my age and state now, you are a perfect example of having acne.

Parents Helped Me

Those words enlightened me, I asked my parents if they have experienced acne, they said they have. They explained that it will just go away. What is important is that you keep your face always clean. They also added to be watchful of the things I eat because oily foods can aggravate my acne. They warned me also not to prick them because these will cause acne marks which is permanent. They told me also to check out According to them this site got answers.

Hearing these things straight from my parents gave me hope. I am truly hoping that this condition will go away. If that day will come, I will be happy.

Having acne is caused by so many reasons, heredity is first. If your parents have suffered acne, I am sure there is a bigger chance you will get one. It is the physiological make up of your skin like being oily makes you prone to have one.

Like experts say, dirt goes to your pores together with oil from your skin and baam you got pimples. When they got so many, and blackheads and whiteheads will join the party they will now be called acne. Do not get me wrong this is my own definition of acne. I am not an expert when coming to these things. All I know was it started with one eruption then come another and then next thing you know it is a crowd already.

Second, things you eat. It plays an important role. There is a saying “you are what you eat”, this is true. If you eat oily foods like peanuts and others, then there is a greater chance that it can worsen your acne. I am not saying that if you eat these oily foods that you will get acne from it. What I am saying is that, if you have the condition already and you are fond of eating these kinds of foods. Then there is a higher chance that you will aggravate it. So, better eat those leafy and green vegetables. Fruits are also a must. These healthy foods have powers of some kind that cleanses your body from toxins. According to the site it can also get rid of acne scars.

Lastly, outside factors, these are things like beauty products and cosmetics. These things instead of doing good will make your acne worsen. There are certain ingredients in these products that my affect your existing condition. So better be mindful of the products that you apply to your face. Better to wash your face with just soap and hypoallergenic soap. It worked for me, maybe it will work for you too.

What is really like to have an acne? First thing you will notice is how rough your face is. It is like having another layer of skin on your face. When you take a closer look of your face in the mirror, you can see that eruptions are like fighting for space on your skin. It is like a war in your face, war on a certain spot on your face. I said to myself at least they are all willing to fight for a space to be with me. Lol!

I have tried everything.

I have tried everything from beauty soap, lemon, honey and anything I could get my hands on. I guess might have overdone it that is why my acne got worse. One day I woke up with redness on my acne. Oh my god, I said to myself, it got worse. It got worse that I feel like another layer was added to my face and worst of it is that it itches and sometimes hurts.

That is when I realized that, there are things that should be left alone. One if it, is my acne. I read that making your face clean and toweled dry when I wake and before I go to sleep is the proper way to clean my face. I also read that avoiding certain foods like oily ones can help you minimize the growth of your acne. It also advisable to keep your hair away from your face if possible, cause sometimes oil from your hair can transfer to your face. It is recommended not to touch your face too often.

A Resolution

With divine intervention and strict compliance to what I read, my acne got thinner, it was less itchy and the seldom pain went away. Together with eating healthy and drinking lots of fluid, my acne slowly subsided. Some acne marks may have stayed cause sometimes I prick them. I tell you it’s a very bad habit when you have acne. But overall, my face got cleared and I am back to being near perfect skin.