Many vapers are not into vaping at first. They are smoking first at any point of their lives. Like myself I used to be a smoker. I started at the ae of 13, I was a teenager then, eager to explore new things.

I remember my first taste of smoking was from my peers. We are outside on a camping trip. My friend just hands me the cigarette and I puffed without hesitation. Right there and then a 25-year addiction started out of the blue.

It started with one cigarette a day and it grew to more than a pack of cigarette a day. I didn’t realize that I was addicted to it until I am so deep on it.

One day when I was walking the hallway, all of a sudden, I feel like I am panting and tired. I rested for a bit and glad it just passed.

After that incident I knew I need to stop or at least minimize my smoking. I searched online and found this site It was a vaping site. It is full of success stories of smoker turned vaper.

I was inspired by the things I read and promised to myself that I will do it. I will stop smoking and be free from the health risks that it gives.

From the website I found I ordered my firs vaporizer, a volcano. The vaporizer was not quite portable it is a desktop vaporizer, but I still love it. Of course, I have to consult the internet also on how to start using it when it arrived. I also search for the topic does the volcano smell or nah and found the answers on my query.

Since I discovered vaping my smoking was drastically. I was going one pack a day before vaping but now I have completely forgotten smoking.  I am into vaping and I am glad I made the switch.