Nowadays graphics cards are popular, it is used virtually anywhere from gaming, 3D design, virtual reality and even bitcoin mining. There is no denying that we used them in our everyday lives.

If you want to enjoy most modern AAA games today, you need a dedicated GPU for it. Well your motherboard comes with an integrated GPU, but this is not enough if we are talking about doing gaming for it. I mean your computer is still usable though without buying a separate graphics card, but it is only limited to emailing, browsing the internet, watching or streaming videos online, and it can even play casual games as graphic cards advisor says in its blog.

However, if you are a hardcore gamer and you want the best graphics to display on your monitor, then you need to invest in a decent external graphics card. Well you are not required to buy the most expensive ones, but it is recommended that you determine first what usage will you use it for. Say for example you want it for PUBG gaming, do a research on what are the minimum requirements will run the medium setting of the game. From that you can determine what GPU will you buy. One thing you should know is that the rx 580 is similar to the 970 gtx so take that into consideration when purcashing.

There is un unwritten rule when it comes to buying graphics card. That is, do not buy graphics cards above $500. At this price range most of the good features are already there and it is enough to run games using highest settings at 1080p. You do not need to spend more than that. You can also see GPU comparisons that can help you decide on what is the perfect card for you.

Another thing you should consider is that, you need a high-end central processing unit and at least 16gb of RAM and sufficient power supply to run the graphics card at its optimal performance.

If you don’t have the latest rig to back up your GPU then it is still useless to have a powerful GPU and yet you have a mediocre CPU, RAM and PSU.