The two-day #Dalitwomenspeakout Conference is for delegates by invitation only. It is organised for participation by women from our community. We are attempting to create our own space that is free for expression, learning and growing within the collective.

Any others who we identify as allies who have done consistent anti caste activism will be invited to listen and learn.

Some of the break-out workshops will remain as ‘closed sessions’ where the participants will be decided by the anchors of the specific workshop(s).

Please note that all speaking slots and lead roles will be anchored by Dalit women only. This is only to reclaim our own platforms and build our narratives without fear of appropriation.

We are ‘not’ seeking sensitivity from non-Dalit wo/men and Dalit men, but only expressing our genuine need to able to freely weave our diverse voices for our future; without any mediation.