My Acne Got Worse

I am already in college when my acne got worse. It is so severe that it goes red and swelling. It affected my love life. I am not ugly last time I checked I looked pretty descent. LOL! When it comes to brains, I am also an A+ student. I assure you I can solve your math problems or even do your thesis for you. It is just that I have acne. I have tried everything possible. I already used soap, tried lemons (they told me it works), wash my face literally every time I get a chance to and consulted a doctor for it.

They told me drink this, do this, apply this, apply that, but nothing really works. This made me desperate and sad at the same time. I am thinking how I can meet my prince charming, my knight in shining armor with this face. I want to go out there and experience adventure, love and other fun things. Acne is holding me back from these things. It is like a huge wall, a high wall that I need something like a ladder to climb it. It is like a huge steel ball that is clamped on both my feet that is preventing me to run and be out there. I am crying out loud for help. Someone please!

All I did to ease my pain was use the internet and I used my computer as an escaped for the feeling that I am in right now.

That is when I met a dermatologist named Dinah. First, she explained to me that number one factor for an acne is heredity. If one of your parents may have acne, there is a higher chance that you will get one. Second, it’s hormones, she further explained that hormones are the fuel for acne. If you have a surge of hormones like in my age and state now, you are a perfect example of having acne.

Parents Helped Me

Those words enlightened me, I asked my parents if they have experienced acne, they said they have. They explained that it will just go away. What is important is that you keep your face always clean. They also added to be watchful of the things I eat because oily foods can aggravate my acne. They warned me also not to prick them because these will cause acne marks which is permanent. They told me also to check out According to them this site got answers.

Hearing these things straight from my parents gave me hope. I am truly hoping that this condition will go away. If that day will come, I will be happy.