What it Feels Like to Have Acne?

What is really like to have an acne? First thing you will notice is how rough your face is. It is like having another layer of skin on your face. When you take a closer look of your face in the mirror, you can see that eruptions are like fighting for space on your skin. It is like a war in your face, war on a certain spot on your face. I said to myself at least they are all willing to fight for a space to be with me. Lol!

I have tried everything.

I have tried everything from beauty soap, lemon, honey and anything I could get my hands on. I guess might have overdone it that is why my acne got worse. One day I woke up with redness on my acne. Oh my god, I said to myself, it got worse. It got worse that I feel like another layer was added to my face and worst of it is that it itches and sometimes hurts.

That is when I realized that, there are things that should be left alone. One if it, is my acne. I read that making your face clean and toweled dry when I wake and before I go to sleep is the proper way to clean my face. I also read that avoiding certain foods like oily ones can help you minimize the growth of your acne. It also advisable to keep your hair away from your face if possible, cause sometimes oil from your hair can transfer to your face. It is recommended not to touch your face too often.

A Resolution

With divine intervention and strict compliance to what I read, my acne got thinner, it was less itchy and the seldom pain went away. Together with eating healthy and drinking lots of fluid, my acne slowly subsided. Some acne marks may have stayed cause sometimes I prick them. I tell you it’s a very bad habit when you have acne. But overall, my face got cleared and I am back to being near perfect skin.